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The design and choice of building materials for Within the Bays reflects our concern for the environment.

Teaming “luxury” with “sustainability” was, and is, a challenge but we think we have found an acceptable compromise. We are always open to suggestions on how to improve on it.

12 solar panels on the roof provide electricity during the day.
Another solar panel on the roof supplies hot water which is stored in a 320-liter capacity cylinder. Electricity to heat the water is only needed in the middle of winter.
The parquet floors in the guestrooms is pressed bamboo: a renewable resource.
The under floor heating system uses a “heat pump” which is the most economical way to keep the house warm in winter.
All exterior joinery is fitted with double glazing
eco friendly
We monitor our energy and water use
A “Bio-Cycle” system takes care of the waste water. It biologically cleans the effluent and feeds nutrients back in the native bush.

Ongoing projects ensure that Within the Bays is a “green” place.

Organic garden and kitchen waste is composted and later used on our vegetable garden.
We separate paper, plastic, glass, etc to be recycled.
Please give us promotional material from other regions you no longer need: it is a good information source for future guests.
When you stay for two or more nights, your towels are aired in the sun. Please leave dirty towels on the bathroom floor; we will replace them with fresh ones.
Shampoo and conditioner containers are re-filled with New Zealand made, organic products from bulk containers as not to pollute the planet with tiny plastic bottles.
To protect the immediate environment, we have a possum and rat eradicating program using Timms traps (humane) and bait stations in the mature bush behind the house.
We only use biodegradable cleaning products.
Organic strawberries and tomatoes from our garden. (in summer)
Every autumn we plant more native trees and shrubs around the house. To offset your carbon footprint you could become a member of Kauri 2000. Their newsletter and information material can be found on the guest fridge in the hall.

Please note: Within the Bays is wheelchair accessible to cater for less able travellers.